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September 8, 2012 Catalog

1 Table

2 Cabinet and end table and metal stand

3 2 storage cabinets

4 Coffee table

5 Table

6 Table

6A Mahogany table

7 Table

8 Gas bottle and box no cart

9 Table

10 Table

11 Table

12 Table

13 Table

14 Table

15 5 bags no bench

16 Vintage Cobalt blue bowl

16A Hallmark keepsake in box frosty friends

16B Hallmark keepsake in box Barbie solo in the spotlight

17 Vintage amber egg and relish dish

18 2 vintage coca cola glasses

19 Depression opalescent Fenton fluted hobnail bowl

19A Hallmark keepsake in box soccer tigger style

20 Bachmann war baby black and silver steam locomotive southern pacific

20A Hallmark keepsake in box Barbie solo in the spotlight

21 Depression porcelain Hand painted floral vase

21A Hallmark keepsake in box Christmas countdown

22 Llardo marked porcelain boy and girl with candle light

23 Fenton Depression blue opalescent hobnail candy dish

24 Bachmann Norfolk and western with smoke, headlight and tender locomotive engine

24A Two hand made tie down bracelets

24B Two hand made tie down bracelets

24C Two hand made tie down bracelets

25 2 depression shenango china dishes

25A Hallmark keepsake in box Barbie Russian

25B Hallmark keepsake in box Barbie Mexican

26 Fenton Depression blue opalescent hobnail fluted bowl

27 Brown vintage McCoy brown bowl

27A Hallmark keepsake in box Spiderman

27B Hallmark keepsake in box ms bonnie and bones

28 Depression gold carnival plate

29 Depression carnival gold ruffle plate

30 8 depression royal red ruby plates

30A Hallmark keepsake in box Santa big rig

31 Harvest bowl with lid

32 Depression porcelain hand painted creamer

33 Depression English wedge wood porcelain creamer with small chip at top

34 Art glass red ruby vase

35 Framed oil painting vase of flowers

36 Depression carnival glass ruffled bowl

37 3 depression amber swirl bowls

38 6 vintage amber bowls

38A Hallmark keepsake in box jolly old Kris jingle

39 Vintage Lance rack for crackers

40 Vintage Tonka metal dump truck

41 50 anniversary the wizard of oz doll glinda

42 50 anniversary the wizard of oz doll scarecrow

43 Vintage cobalt blue plate

44 Wizard of oz doll Dorothy

45 Super Nintendo game with 6 games

46 Nascar steering wheel for no 24

47 Mirrored show case with racks and glass

48 Vintage crystal vase

49 Hallmark Keepsake ornament Josephina an American girl

50 Depression porcelain Nippon vase

51 Metal gi Joe lunch box with thermo

52 Vintage crystal Kitty cat planter

53 Crystal large creamer

54 3 pcs of blue wedge wood

55 Vintage amber pitcher

56 Vintage child’s tom thumb toy cash register

57 Bag of 8 collectible thimbles

57A One hand made tie down bracelets

58 Noritake ivory gravy bowl

59 Depression carnival bowl

60 Vintage globe roller skates jet set jr in box

61 Vintage kerosene lamp with globe

62 Vintage kerosene lamp with globe

63 Vintage anchor hocking baking dish

64 2 green wedge wood vases

65 2 depression porcelain vases

66 Vintage porcelain colonial figures made in Japan

67 Vintage crystal vase

68 Vintage kerosene lamp with globe

69 Vintage kerosene lamp with globe

69A 2 glass hand made bracelets

70 4 vintage cobalt plates

70A Hallmark keepsake in box Michigan j. frog

71 Vintage cobalt blue divided snack dish

71A Hallmark keepsake in box Lucy is enceinte

72 Very old perfume bottle

73 Hand painted porcelain vase

73A Hallmark keepsake in box Barbie gay parisienne

74 Working SANYO turntable and radio with speakers

75 4 Campbell soup mugs with wood holder

76 Leaded crystal lamp with shade

77 9 collectible nascar die cast cars

78 Vintage working webcor turntable

79 Wood display cabinet with lights

80 Working Kenmore 22 side by side refrigerator

80A Framed oil painting

81 Meade binoculars

82 Bushnell binocular

83 Working night light light house

84 Hand made doll crib

84A 2 winne the pooh dolls

85 Framed oil painting

86 Framed vintage Chevy parts ad

87 Vintage Child battery operated sewing machine

88 Very nice wood plant stand

89 John Deere combine toy

90 Vintage mouse cookie jar made in usa

91 Bushnell binoculars in case

92 Vintage duck cookie jar

93 Vintage Tyco California classic race track

94 Nascar sign advertisement Pepsi no24 car

95 Vintage shoe skates

96 Vintage popcorn popper

97 8 pack of old Pepsi bottles in base 1960

98 Oil filled radiator heater

99 Vintage old jar of buttons

100 Vintage old jar of buttons

101 Large metal warming pot with lid

102 Framed print

103 Case of vintage 8 track tapes

104 Holly hobbie sewing machine

105 Decorative child’s tricycle

106 2 containers of playkool blocks

107 Child’s scooter and ride toy

108 Box of American plastic bricks

109 Crystal candy dish

110 Cream pitcher

111 Keepsake hallmark the eagle has landed

112 Old card table

113 Black and Decker portable skil saw with chargers and bag

114 Poster of dale Earnhardt, jr

115 Craftsman cordless drill

116 Firestorm cordless drill in case

117 Desk lamp

118 Bathroom mirror

119 Working Kirby vacuum cleaner with attachments

120 Shop desk light

121 Working singer imperial sewing machine with case

122 2 racing wheels

123 Lighthouse lamp

124 Military wood plaque for uss Iowa bb61

125 Bedroom lamp

126 Computer desk on wheels

127 New office chair

128 Cat music box

129 Pitcher for mixing drinks

130 Box of spoon collection

131 Soup tureen and 4 soup bowls

132 Heart music box

133 6 McCoy divided plates

134 4 art glass wine glasses

135 Lighted glass showcase

136 Box of cds

137 Casio lk-43 music player needs power cord

138 3 metal enamel bowls

139 Metal lamp with shade

140 Harley Davidson saddle bags

141 Working sonic color TV

142 Motorcycle saddle bags

143 Showcase

144 Vintage hall mirror

145 Bag of estate jewelry

146 Air hockey table needs cost 15 paddle and players

147 Medicine chest

148 Computer table

149 Medicine chest

150 Honda racing bike

150A Yard tools

151 Child’s tricycle

152 Child’s tricycle with basket

153 Paper shredder

154 Living well montel Williams mixer cup has problem

155 2 portable chargeable light and drill

156 Custom fit trailer hitch

157 2 child’s helmets

158 Metal chair

159 3 yard tools

160 3 shovels

160A Oil painting vase and roses

160B Jewelry box

160C Elephant plant stand

160D Folding hand cart

160E 3 pcs iron ware

160F Working telephone

160G Metal magazine rack

160H Scope for rifle

160I 3 pcs of porcelain colonial pieces

160J 2 levels

160K Box of collectible bells

161 3 tools

162 Amber snack plates

163 Folded American flag

164 Vintage anniversary clock

165 Vintage jewelry box

166 Silver plated serving tray

167 2 gaming seats

168 Micro stand

169 Vintage toy gun hostler

170 Antique 2 man saw

171 Depression cut glass pitcher

172 Planter vase ice cream cone cookie jar

173 Depression cut glass footed dish

174 Jewelry box

175 Depression press glass snack tray

176 Vintage shoe shine holder

177 Jim beam duck decanter

178 Clock and jewelry chest

179 Crystal vase

180 Animal turkey plate

181 Depression etched glass vase

182 Vintage crystal pitcher

183 Silver plated round serving tray

184 Jackpot slot machine game

185 Vintage crystal candy dish

186 Vintage wood bellows for fire engraved sailing ship

187 Vintage metal tea kettle

188 Box of kit for pet care

189 Vintage Copper coal pot

190 Vintage Tonka fire truck

191 2 silver baby cup and baby rattle

192 Hallmark keepsake ornament Richard petty in box

193 3 vintage hand pull tabs for beer

194 2 copper vases

195 Working Kenmore side by side refrigerator

196 H/p all in one printer

197 3 vintage white enamel pans

197A Glass top picnic table

198 Statehood quarters and stamps Virginia

198A 10 24K quarters Philadelphia and Denver mint statehood

199 Statehood quarters and stamps south Carolina

200 Statehood quarters and stamps Pennsylvania

200A 20 24K quarters Philadelphia and Denver mint statehood

201 Statehood quarters and stamps north Carolina

202 Statehood quarters and stamps new York

203 Statehood quarters and stamps new jersey

204 Statehood quarters and stamps new Hampshire

205 Statehood quarters and stamps Massachusetts

206 Statehood quarters and stamps Maryland

206A 20 24k quarters 2003 and 2004 Philadelphia and Denver mint

207 Statehood quarters and stamps Georgia

208 Statehood quarters and stamps delware

209 Statehood quarters and stamps Connecticut

209A 3 sets 6 count of quarters Pennsylvania, new jersey and Delaware

210 Depression Carnival ruffle plate

210A Vintage red enamel tea kettle

211 Roseville Ohio bowl

211A 4 fancy cheesecake dessert plates

212 Hallmark keepsake lighthouse greetings in box

212A Bag of estate jewelry

213 Bag of estate jewelry

214 Bag of estate jewelry

215 Bag of estate jewelry

216 Bag of 2 vintage lighters

217 Bag of estate jewelry

218 Bag of old coins

219 Bag of sterling pendant

219A Vintage metal mechanical bank

220 Bag of estate jewelry

220A Metal vase

221 1879 Morgan silver dollar

222 1881 Morgan silver dollar

223 1884 Morgan silver dollar

224 1884 Morgan silver dollar

225 1889 Morgan silver dollar

226 1894 Morgan silver dollar

227 1922 peace silver dollar

228 1924 peace silver dollar

229 1928 peace silver dollar

230 1935d one dollar silver certificate

231 1935c one dollar silver certificate

232 Millennium edition 5 Sacagawea dollars

233 50th state quarters proof set

234 United state mint proof set kenndy sacagaweg, dime, nickel, and penny

235 4 gold united states mint presidential coin proof set

236 Hallmark keepsake Barbie wedding day

237 Hallmark keepsake ornament Barbie African American holiday

238 Hallmark keepsake ornament Barbie angel

239 Hallmark keepsake ornament Barbie solo in the spotlight

240 Hallmark keepsake ornament Christmas fairy

241 Hallmark keepsake ornament the jetson

242 White wood night stand

243 2 white single beds with rails

244 Vintage pull along toy dog

245 Vintage wood couch table with drawer

246 Vintage queen Anne foot stool

247 Overall glass top coffee table

248 Brown tweed recliner

248A 4 Barbie Japanese McDonald dolls in bag

249 Hand made rope bottom foot stool

250 Vintage round top table

251 1948 die cast tucker model

252 Vintage Duncan and Phyfe tri table with claw feet

253 Vintage mahogany magazine rack

254 Round glass top end table

255 Antique Duncan and Phyfe drum table with claw feet

256 Vintage mahogany record cabinet

257 Vintage maple desk

258 Vintage blue floral sofa

259 Antique large hall mirror

260 Boy’s lamp

261 Vintage retro lamp

262 2 vintage pine night stands

263 Vintage 3 drawer oak cabinet

264 Antique working coo co clock

265 Glass nick knack stand

266 Music cabinet

267 Mahogany stand up jewelry box

268 Metal floor lamp with shade

269 Vintage wood coat rack

270 Sleeper couch

271 Vintage Tonka fire truck

272 Brass sail ship

273 Vintage Tonka fire truck

274 Vintage oval Duncan and phyte table with claw feet

275 Milk glass lamp

276 Green glass lamp

277 Vintage high chair

278 Glass round top table

279 Large flowered print

280 Floor lamp

281 Glass and metal lamp

282 Pine armoire with 3 drawers and shelves plus 2 doors

283 Wood hutch one drawer and two doors with top

284 2 blue enamel plates

285 Antique mahogany corner what=not- shelf with small drawer

286 Wood stand for luggage

287 Vintage gas sign

288 Hand made pottery woman and child

289 Box of old tins

290 6 pine drawer dresser

291 Sailor wine bottle holder

292 New kit for gardening

293 Pet carrier

294 Cake decorating kit

295 End table

296 Vintage mahogany table with 2 leaves and 6 regular chairs and 2 captain chairs

297 2 pc fishing rod and net

298 Lamp

299 Lamp

300 Metal living room lamp

301 Mahogany entertainment center

302 Vintage white armoire

303 Large hand made doll house

304 High chair

305 Pine end table

306 Metal lamp

307 Vintage dining cabinet

308 2 cabinet entertainment center for TVs

309 Vintage Barrel chair

310 Basket cabinet

311 Book case

312 Plastic storage container

313 Mahogany 3 tier table

314 Nice end table

315 Nice end table

316 Wall wood display


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